Community Informed Remote & Flexible Learning 2.0

Community Informed Remote & Flexible Learning 2.0

Dear Families,

We thank you for your feedback about Remote and Flexible Learning 1.0 and as much as we would rather be face-to-face with your child/ren, we look forward to the next-best (and safest) mode of learning as we engage in Remote and Flexible Learning 2.0.

There were some strong consistencies with your feedback, as well as some vastly different requests and requirements.  Below is a summary of what we have done to address the feedback and provide ample flexibility and adjustments to meet the individual needs of our community.

Please open the attachment to view the table of what we have ‘kept’ and what we have ‘tweaked’.

Special thanks to Chris for posting the updated information and voiceovers for our school community.

On another note, student resource collection is tomorrow:

  • Surnames A-M from 11:30am-12:30pm & Surnames N-Z from 12:30pm-1:30pm
  • Your child will walk through the main gates (Prep-3 front gate near reception & Years 4-6 front gate near the BBQ Area) straight to his/her classroom
  • Your child will collect the resources from his/her desk 

In the best interest of physical distancing and community safety, it would be super if parents can stay in their cars.  Also, your child is welcome to bring an empty bag if you prefer.

As a staff, we have adopted a new Remote & Flexible Learning 2.0 school value ‘ADAPTABILITY’ and hope it is a value you too can embrace as we navigate any obstacles (together) that come our way. 

Gab Zorko

Response to feedback PDF