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Child Safety

Everyone has the right to be safe and be protected from abuse. Springside Primary School is fully committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment for all.

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Wellbeing Team

At Springside Primary School we are proud of the role that our staff take on ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all our students and their families.


Our classroom teachers are our first layer of the support that we offer at Springside and should be the first point of contact.


We also offer an additional layer to our wellbeing program for those students and their families who need extra support, whether that be ongoing, or in a particular time of need.


Below are the details of the Wellbeing Team at Springside Primary School should you need support that stems further than a classroom setting or concerns of a sensitive nature.

Gabrielle Zorko



Jennifer Murasawa

Assistant Principal


Caroline Slopak

Assistant Principal

Kayley Van Buuren

Kayley Van Buuren
Inclusion Leading Teacher



Leader of Welfare and Child Safety

Inclusive Education at Springside Primary School

• Inclusive Education Policy ratified based on ‘DET Education for All’ policy
• Multisensory Learning & Specialised Sporting Equipment:  Springside has invested part of the Inclusive Education Boost funding into creating Springside’s very own Sensory Hub.  We have a planning team set up, organised whole school professional learning for staff, and will be seeking student and parent input – stay tuned for further developments.  Other boost funding has been allocated to purchase specialised sports equipment for the PE department.
• Graduated School Leaders Professional Learning Program on School-wide Inclusive Practice:  Specialised training to best support our students with disabilities, focusing particularly on autism has already commenced with our Regional Autism and Inclusion Consultant. We had a focus on building the capacity of staff to understand ‘behaviour as communication’.  What are our students trying to get/avoid and how we alter the triggers for better outcomes for all.
• Substantive Principal graduated with a Master of Learning Intervention (specialising in Disability)
• Assistant Principal graduated with inclusion and wellbeing honours
• Ongoing training is available with Visiting Teacher Service – one-on-one support provided to all staff and some group assessing and planning sessions bi-yearly
• ABLES assessments regularly completed and Individual Learning Plans developed using the Victorian Curriculum providing purposeful personal learning progression and support
• Student Support Services accessed weekly for new referrals and support
• Sensory Garden designed and growing
• Access to all NDIS therapist on-site (for example, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist, Speechies)
• Whole-school implementation of Structured Literacy (Prep to Year 2: decoding focus using Little Learners Love Literacy resources & Years 3-6 encoding focus supported by Spelling Mastery)
• MULTILIT for student with dyslexia (worth re-introducing)
• Life Skills Programs – small group focus on real life skills such as cooking, shopping and transport
• Specialist Setting visits for staff as part of professional learning and development
• Specialised staff training for students with medical needs
• Friendship Stop accessed by students at break times
• Extensive Early Transition Program
• Whole school Social & Emotional Learning Program
• School Wide Positive Behaviour Support implementation
• NDIS information and planning sessions with staff and families held at school
• Whole school participation in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Disability Data
• Springside’s Annual Implementation Plan and Strategic Plan have an Inclusive Education focus, aligning with the Australian Professional Standards
• The Inclusion Hub is a space that welcomes everyone and is inclusive of all individual needs and interests.  A rostered timetable of activities is available, but options for students to choose alternate activities such as: drawing, board games, Beyblades, chess, Lego, fidget toys and sports are also on offer. Staff support play through using visuals and prompts to teach waiting and turn-taking and explicitly teach pro-social behaviours, such as losing gracefully and joining in non-preferred activities.  Staff are able to use the space as a meeting area, whole-classes and Life Skills Group. OT sessions can also utilise the hub throughout the day.  The timetable is regularly updated by students, for students. 
• Springside Primary aims to provide Evidence-Based Practice to support all learners introducing Structured Teaching based on TEACCH Intervention to meet the individual needs of learners
• Springside Primary is currently rolling out BoardMaker visuals across the school to support students with limited functional communication
• Springside Primary will launch Parent and Sibling Support Groups for families of students with disabilities

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